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SoftElegance is a software development outsourcing company that committed to innovations designed to provide clients with significant gains in the quality of their systems, competitive advantages in the cost of developing systems and the most importantly, developing client satisfaction.

Founded in 1993, SoftElegance is a custom software development company that has been providing reliable services for implementation of SaaS systems, sophisticated business solutions, engineering applications, and business processes automation software. A variety of companies, ranging from dynamic small and medium to Fortune 500, across oil and gas, drilling, engineering, and manufacturing industries, use SoftElegance's software development outsourcing services. With clients from the U.S. and the E.U., offices in London, Houston, and development centers in Eastern Europe, SoftElegance assists customers in delivering innovative software solutions on a global scale.

SoftElegance provides reliable, innovative offshore software development services to improve employee communications, client interaction, and business system efficiency. Committed to innovations designed, SoftElegance provides clients with significant gains in the quality of their systems, competitive advantages in the cost of developing systems and the most importantly, developing customer satisfaction.

Custom software development, maintenance, and implementation outsourcing services include high-quality application design, development, testing, and team management:

  • For a flat monthly rate, dedicated offshore development teams will seamlessly integrate professional programmers into client's current IT team;

  • Redesign, optimize, and reconfigure software architecture with the help of SoftElegance's team of engineers, developers, and consultants;

  • Build from scratch till launching into production and maintenance, custom software to solve new and challenging business needs.

Since 1993 SoftElegance has provided dynamic software development services for companies around the world using an affordable outsourcing model. Dedicated development teams use only the most up-to-date technologies to produce the customized applications and solutions that are considered relatively new to programmers, including SaaS systems, sophisticated web solutions, engineering applications, and other customized business systems.

SoftElegance uses only the most up-to-date technologies to provide solid and dependable software design for reliable software solution:

  • Service-Oriented Architecture, Single-Page Application development approach, Software-as-a-Service best practices, as well as traditional three-tier and multitier software architecture;

  • All the benefits of .NET Framework involving extensive business logic, third-party components, load balancing, secure access to a database, and appropriate hosting solution;

  • Responsive web design enriched by custom redesigned various JavaScript libraries, i.e. AngularJS.

To empower its customers with functional, secure, and dependable software applications, SoftElegance utilizes a variety of technologies that stand at the forefront of software development, covering everything from databases and architecture to user interfaces. By adopting innovative technology early, SoftElegance's highly trained development teams provide a competitive edge for business solutions.

SoftElegance customized outsourcing software development services with quality assurance and knowledge management include, but not limited to:

  • Affordable outsourcing alternative to on-site development teams with on-time and within budget delivery;

  • Targeted to achieve customer's business goals through software solutions;

  • Meticulously tested to achieve project results according to the quality assurance standards.

Software development outsourcing company for sophisticated business software development across oil and gas, manufacturing, and engineering industries

Using SoftElegance's custom software development outsourcing services clients retain all intellectual property rights, complete control over project objectives and benefit from developers trained in the most up-to-date technology, without the heavy expense of hiring a full-time employee.

SoftElegance uses fundamental guidelines from Rational Unified Process with its extensions — RUP for small and medium-size teams, CMMI best practices, and IBM Institute for Knowledge Management recommendations to provide complete control over the finished software product and effectively deliver measurable results.