SoftElegance software development and date science services has helped companies from Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, Government and other sectors to achieve their 95% project success rate.
Bespoke Software Development

Adding new functionalities or parameters, or applying changes, to existing bespoke software solutions is quite a challenging task.

SoftElegance’s team of experienced professionals in bespoke software development will help you implement cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning, to improve your bespoke software solutions. SoftElegance can help you manage your business software.

SoftElegance established
Deep Blue took over Gary Kasparov
The term “Machine Learning” was created
Neural network recognize road signs better than human
AI of Alpa Go defeated the world champion of Go Game
of customers projects
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  • AI
  • Software Development
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
A Dedicated Team for Your Project

Working with a dedicated team is a foolproof way to minimize the cost of bespoke software development.

A dedicated project team is preferred when there are limited resources or a lack of IT talent available to work on your business project. SoftElegance will help outsource the most suitable dedicated project team to work with you on your business issue.

Data Science Experts

Data scientists at SoftEegance can help prevent your big data company from fraud by sending instant alerts upon detection of suspicious data inputs. This will help the leading big data companies ensure that their business data is safe. SoftElegance's team of data scientists design logical paths and methodologies for big data solutions for companies or business projects that require data science technologies.

Machine Learning Solutions

Machine learning and data mining technologies are used to determine the offers your customers see based on their purchase histories and past behaviors.

Machine learning and data mining technologies are used to determine the offers your customers see based on their purchase histories and past behaviors.

Web Application Development

SoftElegance as a web application development company will design a software solution that will grow along with your business so you won’t have to use licensed software apps for your business needs.

The web and application development team of SoftElegance will integrate reliable security features such as IP-address binding, geo-referencing, and multi-factor authentication to attest the security of your applications.

Custom Software Development

SoftElegance team provides excellent custom software application development services that tally with your business needs. This will help to push your attention more on real business issues than looking out for the right software that will solve your business needs.

The SoftElegance custom software development team will design custom software apps that will satisfy all identified business needs.

Quality of the work execution
Quality Management
SoftElegance’s quality management procedures address both the management of clients’ software development projects and the end-use software product.
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance helps SoftElegance deliver top-quality end-use software products and ensures that software is tested and proven to work properly and achieve customer's business goals.
How to succeed in project development
Wise definition of goals and tasks
The success of any business project is measured by the closeness of the final results to the initial goals. Thus, a client has to provide the project team with precise details of the objectives of business functions.
Wise definition of goals and tasks
Project managers know the importance of the perfect blending of expertise in the subject and the use of appropriate techniques to reach the required results of the project.
Wise definition of goals and tasks
The tight cooperation between the product owner and the project team on current activities, existing issues, proposed solutions, etc. often creates synergy and moves the project forward faster.
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